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ankita gurao

I am a PhD scholar from India, working on some unique indigenous cattle breeds. Despite the monotonous research goals and scientific writing, my passion to communicate technical jargon in layman language is unlimited. I have been also active in exploring career diversion during some phase of my doctoral, which made me converge my orientation to gain more entrepreneurial advantages. Moreover, working at a conventional molecular biology lab enabled my senses strong toward troubleshooting. In leisure time, I love interacting with curious minds, explore new places and brisk walk.

Articles by ankita gurao:

Ways to Pursue Science Careers in Business After a PhD

Obtaining your doctorate is one of the toughest academic and professional tasks that you can take on. The stats on future employment in academic science careers are horrifying at worst or misleading at best. At the same time, many argue that we need more scientists with a PhD.1,2  With these statistics, it might be time to…

Ways to Pursue Science Careers in Business After a PhD
10 Apr 2018 Career Development & Networking
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