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Three Insights for Choosing the Best DNA Size Selection Method for Your Project

With so many methods for DNA size selection, it can be confusing to determine which is best for your project. Fortunately, academic researchers have evaluated many DNA size selection methods for a range of applications, and their conclusions provide some useful insight for the community. Double-Digest RAD-Seq Based on the original protocol for restriction site […]

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In Genomics & Epigenetics, Sage Science 14th of December, 2016
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Next Generation Sequencing Library Preparation: Concepts, Tips and Tricks

In this webinar, you will learn the core steps in preparing DNA/RNA NGS libraries. Those are: 1) fragmenting or sizing the target sequences to a desired length, 2) attaching oligonucleotides adapters to the ends of target fragments, 3) purifying the final library product and 4) quantifying the library for sequencing. In addition, you will see […]

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In Genomics & Epigenetics, Qiagen 23rd of May, 2016 Presented by: Helena Torrell Galceran, Ph.D.