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The automated pipetting revolution is here
Is your lab ready?

Automation used to be for big pharma and labs with big budgets, but not any more. 

  • Open source automation protocols,
  • simple setup and operation,
  • affordable pipetting robots, 
  • modular hardware

...have put automated pipetting for routine lab work within the reach of every lab.

Learn more about the new possibilities that automated pipetting can bring to your lab with your free copy of our lab automation guide.


Here is what automated pipetting does for your lab

While automation could never replace scientists, the scientists who use automation will replace the scientists who don't.

That's because automation transforms the effectiveness of your lab by reducing cost, increasing output and allowing your scientists to be scientists.

Specifically, automation:

  • Reduces time spent on tedious processes
  • Increases throughput and scale-up workflow in your lab
  • Frees lab members to spend more time analyzing data, designing experiments, and publishing results
  • Eliminates inconsistency in batch to batch results
  • Enables more sophisticated data analysis

Instead of being a luxury, automation is now becoming the norm in labs.

It is essential that you stay informed about these trends so your lab is not left behind.

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[Bonus guide] How automation will transform your NGS and PCR workflows

Over the next few years, affordable open source pipetting will transform the NGS and PCR landscapes by enabling labs to increase throughput, reproducibility and data analysis capabilities.

Along with your reference guide, we’ll include a quick read that shows how automation can help keep your lab competitive in the use of these techniques. 

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