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Your Quick Guide to Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing

Learn all about the newest way to analyze your protein samples with increased accuracy and speed.

  • How microfluidic diffusional sizing (MDS) of proteins works—and how it saves you time

  • How to prep your samples for MDS (hint, it’s not much!)

  • How MDS can help you overcome obstacles—like protein adhesion

  • How many different samples you can analyze with MDS

  • How you can assess protein stability in different buffer conditions and temperature

  • Get the full protocol for analysis

Dr Nick Oswald,<br> 
Founder, Bitesize Bio

Dr Nick Oswald

Founder, Bitesize Bio

This guide gives you everything that you need to know about how to determine protein size with as little as 5 microliters saving time and yielding more accurate results. It is exactly what everyone needs to get up to speed on this new technology.

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