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The UltraMicroscope Blaze™: Automated 3D imaging on an unprecedented scale

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This webinar introduces the brand new Ultramicroscope Blaze. This next-generation light sheet imaging system brings together more than a decade of light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) development and collaboration.

The Blaze is a fully-automated light sheet imaging system with, by far, the largest imaging volume capacity of any commercial fluorescent microscope. The Blaze is a true multi-scale instrument that captures cellular detail at submicron resolution and can image very large samples such as a whole, optically cleared mouse body.

Key features of the Blaze include:

• a motorized objective turret that houses specialized large format MI Plan objectives optimized for LSFM with ultra-long working distances;
• an in-line magnification changer allows stepwise switching from meso- to micro-scale imaging with the push of a button without changing objective lenses;
• automated batch acquisition, allowing users to set up in a single session and let the Blaze work overnight to image multiple samples.

Images are acquired at speeds hundreds of times faster than confocal or multiphoton. This system is ideal for high-volume, high-throughput applications for imaging samples such as all mouse organs, whole mice, tumors from xenografts or human patients, and small human organs. Generate high-resolution data on an unprecedented scale to pioneer discoveries in complex biological systems and whole animal models.

Join us for this exciting first look at the new Ultramicroscope Blaze.

Presented By:

Byron Hartman PhD

Byron Hartman PhD

Microscopy Product Manager,
Miltenyi Biotec Inc.

A webinar series brought to you by

Miltenyi Biotec

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