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UltraMicroscope Blaze™ live instrument demonstration

Available On-Demand

This live demonstration introduces you directly to the Ultramicroscope Blaze, a fully-automated, multi-scale, high-resolution, light sheet imaging system for high throughput volumetric imaging of large biological samples.

Our imaging team will demonstrate the ease-of-use and performance of the instrument and take you through the experience of operating it to acquire data.

Features of the demonstration include:

• system orientation and overview: lasers and light sheets, detection optics, and software;
• instrument operation with the ImSpector software;
• loading a sample and setting up imaging channels;
• adjusting the thickness and configuration of the light sheets;
• setting up a volumetric image acquisition;
• automatically changing magnification and objective lenses;
• using image tiling and dynamic horizontal focus;
• changing samples with the motorized imaging chamber withdrawal system;
• setting up automated batch image acquisitions;
• data export and processing.

Presented By:

Clare Sengupta

Clare Sengupta PhD

Field Applications Scientist,
Miltenyi Biotec

A webinar series brought to you by

Miltenyi Biotec

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