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Techniques for Isolating Circulating Biomarkers

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Brian Adams

Tutorial Video Abstract

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Which biomarker you want to isolate
  • Which clinical biofluid or specimen is a good biomarker source
  • A basic understanding of small non-coding RNAs, exosome, and circulating tumor cell biology
  • The challenges associated with isolating these biomarkers
  • Various technologies to overcome these challenges


To gain a better molecular understanding of therapeutic response and disease relapse, there has been an impetus to develop biomarker profiles, including miRNA profiles, through less invasive strategies (i.e. from serum and other sources) rather than from repeated biopsy near the original tumor site.

Through these techniques, circulating biomarkers, including miRNAs, exosomes and circulating tumor cells, have been identified. These circulating biomarkers have the potential to be used in understanding the pathogenesis of disease prognosis and for diagnostic purposes, as well as in the development of new therapeutic treatment regimens.

Isolation and investigation of these biomarkers hold new challenges for researchers, due to factors such as additional contaminants from serum/plasma samples and low concentration of biomarkers present. Here we will discuss the various challenges faced when studying these biomarkers and provide strategies to overcome these challenges.


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