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A Start to Finish Guide to Target Gene Validation Using Quantitative RT-PCR



Matthew Mule

In this tutorial, you will find:

While next generation sequencing enables researchers to unveil expression levels of the entire genome, qRT-PCR remains the gold standard for measuring transcript levels of individual genes for functional studies and for the purposes of publication. In this webinar, you will learn:

• Low (1-5 genes) vs medium (~300 genes) throughput experimental design
• Pros and cons of self-designed vs “off the shelf” assays
• How to set up your wet lab experiments start to finish
• Downloadable example step-by-step experiments with real data analysis and tutorial
• Biological considerations (time series data, cell population frequency changes + more)
• Examples of these techniques in publications
• Common pitfalls and how to avoid them
• Limitations of the technique
• MIQE and publication standards

Whether you are interested in a few genes or a few hundred, join Matthew Mule as he takes you through the necessary steps to validate expression levels of target genes using qRT-PCR with single gene assays and other medium-throughput platforms.

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[Qiagen] Webinar CJS Sept 12 18 Start to Finish

The Use of qPCR to Validate Epigenetic Enrichment of Pathogen DNA from Complex Samples and Human DNA from Stool
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