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Recent Developments in Fused-Core Technology for the High Speed High Resolution Analysis of Biomolecules


Stephanie A. Schuster

Tutorial Video Abstract

HPLC separations of biomolecules have traditionally required much time in order to achieve the required resolution for complex samples. However, this has recently begun to change with the developments that have been made in Fused-Core particle technology. HPLC columns of high purity silica that are 2.7 µm in total particle size with a 0.5 µm porous shell have yielded faster separations with increased resolution. These particles called HALO Peptide have 160 Å pores that are best suited for peptides and small proteins up to about 20,000 MW. The sterically protected C18 bonded phase increases the stability of the columns under high temperature and low pH mobile phase conditions. In addition to this reversed phase material, a new bonded HILIC phase using the 2.7 µm particles with 90 Å pores has recently been announced specifically for the separation of glycopeptides, glycans, nucleosides, and nucleotides. The Penta-HILIC phase shows improved peak shape and retention for these highly polar molecules. This webinar will highlight HALO Peptide and Penta-HILIC for the separation of biomolecules with emphasis on high speed and high resolution.

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