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qPCR and RNAseq: The Battle of the Strands!

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Joan Chang

Tutorial Video Abstract

In this webinar, you will learn how qPCR can be used in combination with new technologies, like RNAseq, and how this will help you in your research.

The main aspects to be covered in this webinar include:

  • When you should choose RNA-seq over qPCR alone for expression analysis
  • Why and how you should validate RNAseq results with qPCR
  • The common pitfalls with RNAseq and troubleshooting tips
  • Expert tips to help you achieve reliable transcriptomic data every time

Achieve Great Results in RNAseq Combined with qPCR

In the last decade or so, with the development of high-throughput techniques such as next-generation sequencing and RNAseq, “omics” type data has advanced in leaps and bounds. Yet, traditional methods, like qPCR, are routinely used alongside such high-throughput methods in labs across the world.

Join Dr. Joan Chang as she takes you through RNAseq and qPCR, two molecular techniques from opposite ends of the spectrum. She will explain the basic principles of these techniques. Going further in depth, the common steps for sample preparation and the importance of RNA quality will be discussed. In addition, she will tell you how these techniques are complementary and why you will want to use both in your research. Finally, the webinar will also provide tips to help you out when your RNAseq and qPCR data differ and how to reconcile those differences.

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