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Practical Super-Resolution Imaging: SIM Capabilities, Sample Prep and Analysis

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GE Healthcare Life Sciences offers solutions to support your work from biological research to clinical therapy, including tools for research, drug discovery, diagnostics, and bioprocessing. The DeltaVision™ range for high and super resolution microscopy has a reputation for delivering outstanding images particularly for small, dim, and live samples.


Patrina Pellett, PhD

Tutorial Video Abstract

In the webinar you will learn:

  • The background of structured illumination microscopy (SIM).
  • Advantages of SIM.
  • Sample preparation for SIM.
  • How to avoid reconstruction artefacts.


Structured illumination microscopy (SIM) is a super-resolution imaging technique that offers researchers a 2 fold increase in resolution both laterally and axially. Structured illumination achieves sub-diffraction resolution by illuminating the sample with a striped pattern at 5 different phases and 3 different angles in order to extract high resolution information previously undetectable by conventional microscopes. Advantages of this approach include compatibility with common fluorophores, up to 4 colors in super-resolution, large Z stacks and can be used to image living cells. SIM has contributed to significant advancements in many fields of biology including neuroscience, cell division, antibiotic research and ciliogenesis. Sample preparation considerations for SIM and common reconstruction artefacts will be discussed.

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