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Optimizing CRISPR mouse model pipelines – modified synthetic sgRNAs

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Matthew Mackenzie

Resource Support Manager
MRC Harwell

In this webinar, you will see:

  • The optimization of the mouse model generation workflow.
  • A direct comparison of in vitro transcribed vs. modified synthetic single-guide RNA (sgRNA).

The development of CRISPR/Cas9 tools has revolutionized the genome-editing field, allowing for the generation of genetically modified mice with increased efficiency and ease. We provide a genome engineering service to produce and validate various knock-out (KO) and knock-in models through our evolving processes. This service has led to the development of a high throughput pipeline for the efficient generation of KO mice, allowing the generation of more than 100 KO projects a year as part of the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium effort.

Additional pipelines include the generation of bespoke genome-edited mouse models, both as an on-demand service and as part of the Genome Editing Mice for Medicine service. One optimization in our pipeline was the transition from generating sgRNAs in-house using in-vitro transcription to buying in synthetic sgRNAs. We assessed the impact this had on our workflow, and we share these findings in our webinar.


Discover more about CRISPR in the Bitesize Bio CRISPR Research hub.

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[Sigma Aldrich] Webinar 4-Nov-20 Optimizing CRISPR Mouse

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