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Multiplex Annotated Tissue Imaging System (MANTIS®)
Genoskin's integrated digital process for 3-D deconstruction of human skin immune landscape


Date: Wednesday, December 7th 2022
Time: 3pm London, 4pm Berlin, 7pm Dubai

Discover how to perform 10-color imaging of tissue samples using a confocal microscope, and see how this can allow assessment of the skin immune landscape.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • How to perform 10-color acquisition using a confocal microscope.
  • The challenges of imaged-based approaches to identify skin immune cells.
  • A new pipeline to assess skin immune landscape in both healthy and pathological samples.
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NicolasGaudenzio CROPPED
Dr. Nicolas Gaudenzio
Chief Scientific Officer at Genoskin
Research Director at Infinity

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