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Discover a new era in microscopy
Meet Mica.

Virtual Showcase
Available On Demand

In this fun and interactive 90-minute showcase event, scientists from Leica Microsystems invite you to experience how microscopy has changed with the arrival of the world’s first imaging Microhub, Mica.

Imagine having everything you need for your microscopy workflows in one place, with a sample-protecting incubator and all with the single push of a button.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Simplify your experimental set-up and increase reproducibility with automatic selection and optimization of imaging settings
  • Visualize 4 colors simultaneously in widefield and then switch to confocal without ever moving your sample
  • Get greater efficiency and a faster track to publication with intelligent automation and AI-supported analysis

“That is super cool!” “Just perfect!”

Those were just some of the reactions from scientists after seeing Mica for the first time.

Mica must be experienced, so join the Leica Microsystems Advanced Workflow Specialist team for live product demonstrations, short presentations, and discussions (plus a few surprises!) and see why Mica has brought a new era in microscopy.

Boris Zarda
Advanced Workflow Manager
Leica Microsystems
Alexandr Pospech
Advanced Workflow Specialist
Leica Microsystems
Svenja Kunerth
Advanced Workflow Specialist
Leica Microsystems

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