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Lay out your manuscripts, theses and reports like a pro with LaTeX for Biologists

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American Journal Experts (AJE) is the world’s leading provider of English editing, translation, formatting, and illustrations services that help researchers get published. Since 2004, we have worked with researchers and organizations to support more than 400,000 manuscripts, grants, posters, and abstracts in over 420 academic areas of study in 186 countries.


John Hammersley, PhD

Tutorial Video Abstract

In this webinar, you will learn

  • how to get started with Overleaf, and run step-by-step through everything you’ll need to create and publish your first article.
  • how to share your documents with your collaborators, and how the integrated commenting system can be used to allow others to give quick feedback


Overleaf is an online collaborative editor which automatically does the typesetting in the background for you.

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