Large Volume Serial Blockface Electron Microscopy Imaging

[Thermo Fisher Scientific] Webinar Sept 17 Large Volume Serial

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Thermo Fisher Scientific supplies a wide range of innovative solutions for the world’s life science research community. With workflows for 3D Electron Microscopy (EM) imaging in both vitrified and plastic embedded samples, cryo-tomography, and cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), we provide access to statistical analysis and ultrastructural data.


Grahame Kidd, PhD

Tutorial Video Abstract

An unlikely renaissance is occurring in biological imaging, propelled by the ongoing development of serial blockface electron microscopy imaging technologies. Imaging systems based on scanning EM instruments place large-volume automated EM serial imaging within reach of most labs.  How best to take advantage of the automation and versatility?  Large scale connectomics studies are stunning in their scope and detail.  Smaller scale SBFI applications, however, offer academic labs and preclinical researchers opportunities to make new discoveries, measure new outcomes, and detect toxic changes in  comparatively unbiased experiments. In this webinar we will discuss today’s large volume SBFI technologies, some novel applications that are in current use, and consider how the expanding size of possible specimens is promoting faster throughput imaging.

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