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Furthering Insight and Productivity in Cell Biology with Real-Time Quantitative Live-Cell Analysis

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The IncuCyte® Real-Time Quantitative Live-Cell Analysis System, designed by Essen BioScience, Inc. is the first system to enable quantification of cell behavior over time (from hours to weeks) by automatically gathering and analyzing images around the clock within a stand incubator. The IncuCyte® System provides insight into active biological processes in real-time and allows researchers to gather more information from assays they conduct in a faster and automated way that single-point or endpoint assays can’t achieve.

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Tutorial Video Abstract

In this webinar you’ll learn how live-cell analysis offers you a whole range of new tools for studying your cells in culture, in real-time.

The main points we’ll cover are:

  • How live-cell imaging can allow you to perform detailed, real-time analyses, such as reporter assays, live phenotypic analysis, cell migration, and more, on your cultured cells, without taking them out of the incubator
  • A case study that demonstrates the power of this technology. The case study shows that you can perform live analysis of RNA replication of a highly infectious virus in mammalian cells, without the requirement for high level bio-containment facilities.
  • How you can use this exciting and groundbreaking new toolbox to accelerate and broaden your cellular studies

Demonstrating the Live-Cell Analysis toolbox

Recent developments in live-cell imaging are opening a new and exciting toolbox for biologists, enabling remote and continuous analysis, monitoring, and measurement of live cells in a wide range of applications, and settings.

One such application is the live measurement of reporter gene expression in cell culture. In this webinar, Fiona Tulloch of the University of St Andrews will discuss how her lab used lice-cell analysis to study RNA replication in the Foot and Mouth Disease Virus. Fiona will explain the basis of non-invasive, remote live-cell imaging assay her lab used, how they deployed the assay and the results and unique benefits this approach delivered, including enabling the study of a highly infectious agent without the need for high level bio-containment facilities.

Following Fiona’s presentation, we’ll open this groundbreaking new toolbox to show you the basics of remote live-cell imaging assays and discuss the various ways that you can apply live-cell analysis to study reporter assays, live phenotypic analysis, cell migration, and much more to bring new levels of insight and productivity into your own research.

Furthering Insight and Productivity in Cell Biology with Real-Time Quantitative Live-Cell Analysis
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