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Fast separation of peptides using conventional HPLC equipment


Dr. Barry E. Boyes

Tutorial Video Abstract

Dr Barry Boyes of, Director of Bioscience R&D for Advanced Materials Technologies, Inc, will present a guide to using conventional HPLC equipment to separate peptides.

The past decade has shown considerable progress in the development of materials
and methods for high speed and high resolution separations of peptides and proteins.
Improvements in instrumentation have certainly occurred, particularly in the rapid growth
of labs with available mass spectrometers. Another of the great advancements driving
the field has been the emergence of very high performance HPLC column packing
materials, using both smaller particles, and most recently, small particles with the core-
shell morphology. Our company has pioneered the core-shell particle approach, (Halo
Fused-Core® technologies) which delivers very high separations performance, but with
much less back-pressure, and with less demanding requirements for the end-user.

This seminar will focus on the use of state-of-the-art separations materials, applied to
applications in peptide, protein analysis and proteomic workflows. The discussion will
deal with some of the practical issues that must be addressed to achieve high efficiency
separations for analysis of synthetic peptides, tryptic digests, and typical proteomic
experimental regimes.

Fast separation of peptides using conventional HPLC equipment
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