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Engineering Vero Cell Lines Using CRISPR to Increase Production of Viral Vaccines

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Dr. Benjamin Borgo

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Join Dr Benjamin Borgo as he reveals how genome-editing of Vero cell lines using CRISPR technology can decrease vaccine manufacturing costs and ultimately help save lives.

In this webinar, you will find:

  • An introduction to how CRISPR can be used to identify candidate mutations that can enhance viral production in Vero cell lines.
  • How CRISPR technology can be used to introduce identified candidate mutations into Vero cell lines.
  • A discussion of the results of genome-wide CRISPR screens that enhance viral titer up to 60-fold.
  • Details of methods used in-house within our Cell Design Studio to generate engineered Vero cell lines to optimize vaccine production.

Vaccines save lives; a fact we are acutely aware of during the COVID-19 pandemic. Widespread distribution and administration can be significantly hampered by the high cost of vaccine manufacturing, reducing our ability to eradicate diseases even with the development of an efficacious vaccine. Production of most vaccines occurs in a few workhorse cell lines, such as Vero cells, often selected for their permissivity to a wide range of viruses rather than their suitability for producing high titers.

One route to reducing vaccine production costs is to produce substantially more virus per batch, by altering a number of parameters in the production process, including the media, growth factors and purification techniques. More recently, with the introduction and widespread adoption of genome-editing tools based on the CRISPR-Cas system, there have been several efforts to engineer improved variants of the Vero cell lines to increase titer production. Typically, these efforts start with a genome-wide CRISPR screen to identify candidate mutations that can enhance viral production, followed by an introduction of the top candidate mutations into Vero cell lines to test production titers.

In this webinar, I will discuss some of the results from these early studies, which demonstrate up to 60-fold improvement in viral titer, as well as the methods we have used in-house within our Cell Design Studio to generate engineered Vero cell lines for vaccine production optimization.


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