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Deconvolution: An Invaluable Tool in the Microscopy Toolbox

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GE Healthcare Life Sciences offers solutions to support your work from biological research to clinical therapy, including tools for research, drug discovery, diagnostics, and bioprocessing. The DeltaVision™ range for high and super resolution microscopy has a reputation for delivering outstanding images particularly for small, dim, and live samples.


Tutorial Video Abstract

‘A picture paints a thousand words’ and an excellent cellular image can lead to new biological discoveries. To ensure the best images scientists require an imaging toolbox that allows them to acquire the highest quality data under a wide range of sample conditions.

Confocality is the most oft­used tool and is perfect for thick, bright samples. But what if the sample is live and sensitive? Or the staining particularly dim? In these instances deconvolution comes into its own.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how deconvolution works
  • Determine under which circumstances deconvolution brings most value
  • Hear what needs to be in place to ensure you can trust the data
  • See evidence of the remarkable differences deconvolution can bring to your science.


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About the presenter, Katie White:

Katie White began her career with GE Healthcare (previously Applied Precision, Inc) in 2008 as an Applications Specialist for the DeltaVision (DV) Imaging system. After 4 years in applications, Katie spent a year and a half as a Sales Specialist supporting GE’s Microscopy and HCA Imaging product portfolio, expanding her knowledge of the broader microscopy and imaging community.  Combining this customer-facing experience with a background in Mechanical (BS) and Biomedical Engineering (MS) has enabled Katie to apply her expertise in high resolution microscopy and deconvolution techniques as a Product Support Specialist since 2013. In this current role, Katie is directly responsible for educating the global GEHC Applications Specialist teams and providing advanced support to help the GEHC DV Elite customer base utilize deconvolution techniques to further their research goals.

Deconvolution: An Invaluable Tool in the Microscopy Toolbox
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