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Advanced Cryo Preparation Techniques


Date: Tuesday, October 11th 2022
Time: 10am London, 11am Berlin, 1pm Dubai

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • A step-by-step guide to optimizing your cryo-EM workflow
  • Preparation tools for cellular and biological sample preparation
  • Expert help and advice on capturing the perfect cryo-EM image

Cryo-electron microscopy is becoming an important tool in biomedical research, allowing researchers to explore the cellular landscape in its native state and at high spatial resolution. A prerequisite to obtaining that goal is the preparation of electron transparent samples through cryogenic Focused Ion Beam (cryo-FIB) milling.

This webinar highlights all steps in the workflow, from capturing the live sample to the perfect cryo-EM image. Experts from Human Technopole and Leica Microsystems will cover the different tools used to prepare cellular and biological samples, from initial vitrification and high-pressure freezing to cryo-planing of bulk samples and confocal microscopy under cryogenic conditions.

A panel discussion will follow the presentations, where the experts will answer questions from the audience.

Philipp Erdmann
Research Group Leader
Erdmann Group, Human Technopole
Malan Silva
Senior Technician
Cryo-EM Facility, Human Technopole
Frédéric Leroux
Advanced Workflow Manager
Leica Microsystems

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