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Analytical Chemistry and Chromatography Techniques

Running You Through HPLC: How Does it Work?

Your advisor tells you that he wants you to use HPLC to analyze your compound. You know you’ve heard of this technique before, but you can’t remember what HPLC stands for, let alone how to go about doing it! We’ve all been there, and I bet you wish you had paid more attention in that…

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Exploiting HPLC and UHPLC Selectivity With Rational Stationary Phase Design

In this seminar, we explore the power of selectivity using the resolution equation in HPLC and UHPLC. Using a variety of chromatographic data, we discuss how incorporating an aromatic building block in phase design has led to the unique bonded phases ACE® C18-AR and ACE® C18-PFP. These unique phases have been engineered based upon the popular…

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