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Biteize Guide to Biological Assays

22 absorbance, fluorescence, luminesence and cell-based assays explained

Dr Nick Oswald,<br> 
Founder, Bitesize Bio

"This book is an absolute gem that will quickly bring you up to speed on the concepts, mechanisms and features behind the assays you are using already. And it will open your eyes to many new assays that you may not have been aware of."

NICK OSWALD, Founder of Bitesize Bio

Includes primers on:

  • DNA/RNA Assay (Absorbance)

  • MTT / MTS Assays

  • BCA, Modified Lowry and Bradford Assays

  • Picogreen® and Ribogreen® DNA/RNA Quantification

  • Reazurin Assay

  • TRF - Time Resolved Fluoresence

  • FRET - Fluoresence Resonance Energy Transfer

  • TR-FRET - Time Resolved Fluoresence Resonance Energy Transfer

  • DELFIA® dissociation-enhanced lanthanide fluorescent immunoassay

  • GeneBLAzer® and Tango(TM) GPCR Assay System

  • HTRF® - Homogenous Time-Resolved Fluorescence

  • ADAPTA® Universal Kinase Assay

  • Lanthascreen(TM) Kinase Activity Assays

  • FP - Fluorescence Polarisation

  • PolarScreen® and Transcreener®

  • Alphascreen/AlphaLISA/AlphaPlex Assays

  • LUMI - Luminescence

  • Dual-Luciferase Reporter Assay

  • BRET (Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer)

  • Cell-Based Assays

  • Cell Counting / Viability Assays

  • Cell Confluence

  • Useful technical definitions (G-Factor, Z prime, Ratiometric and more)

Biteize Guide to Biological Assays

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