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Yarimar Ruiz

I’m Biologist graduate from the University Central of Venezuela (UCV, 2006) and Doctor in Forensic Sciences from the University Santiago de Compostela (USC Spain, 2012); Currently working at the Criminalistics Unit Against the Violation of Fundamental Rights, in Venezuela (UCCVDF-AMC) as a Forensic Professional in DNA analysis. I also have been working in teaching and researching at UCV. I’m a travel lover and have been a volunteer in AFS Intercultural Program since I participated as an exchange student. Always open to help and teach but must of all to learn!

Articles by Yarimar Ruiz:

Get Your Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Straight From the Oven!

While it is true that there are some useful websites like SNPedia, or NCBI that can help you find rs codes for genetic variants, sometimes you need that info coming straight from the oven – particularly when you want to look at atypic SNPs or substitutions that have not been validated. So, in this post I…

09 Jul 2016 Genomics and Epigenetics&Sigma-Aldrich® Advanced Genomics
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