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Writing for science? Beware of these spellchecker hiccups

By Trivalent Editing | June 6, 2013

You’ve added the final touches to your scientific manuscript / presentation / thesis. You’ve even run the spellchecker and grammar checker and everything seems perfect. There are no little green or red squiggles under the text. Now it’s ready to submit or present – or is it? What could be wrong? If you read my…

11 scientific spell-/grammar checker failures that you can learn from

By Trivalent Editing | May 30, 2013

You should never completely rely on your spellchecker or grammar checker when writing your scientific manuscript, thesis, or presentation. I’ll talk more about exactly why in my next article, but first let’s have a bit of fun to get you warmed up – this is Bitesize Bio after all. Over the years, I have lovingly…

Science writing tips by Trivalent Editing

By Trivalent Editing | January 18, 2013

January 2013 marks the start of a series of articles by Trivalent Editing, full of tips and advice to help you improve your academic writing skills. We are a trio of experienced biomedical scientists who spent many happy years as postdoctoral researchers before making the decision to switch to science editing. During our research careers we successfully prepared…

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