Travis Medley

Travis is the President of Simply Biotech, a specialized recruiting and staffing firm dedicated exclusively to the biotech industry in San Diego County. More information may be found at www.simplybiotech.com

Articles by Travis Medley:

Why you shouldn’t be slow in your response to prospective employers in science

We live in an age if instant gratification. Instant streaming, instant Facebook updates, instant Tweets. When do I want it? Right now, of course. In this age of “instantness”, it is crucial as the job seeker that you respond early and often to inquiries from companies or recruiters. To fail to do so only risks…

12 Aug 2013 Career Development & Networking

How to stop a bad reference from hurting your job prospects in science

In my recruitment agency, we have seen many instances where a candidate was fired from his last job and knows that his manager is not going to say nice things during a reference. Often he had a great experience at that company until this manager took over his department and the two never saw eye-to-eye. Has this happened to…

22 Jul 2013 Career Development & Networking

Be a Science STAR at Your Next Interview!

Have you ever been to an interview where you felt like you didn’t answer a question specifically, or kicked yourself afterward for not sharing a great example with the interviewer? If you have, you are not alone. Fortunately, an interview is something you can prepare and train for ahead of time by utilizing the STAR…

17 Apr 2013 Career Development & Networking

Interview Techniques and Tips: The Thank You Note

We have discussed the importance of thank you emails and thank you cards ad nauseum. If you have read this blog more than three or four times, you have undoubtedly heard each of us espouse the importance of the follow-up thank you. As a result, we have received inquiries directly from our readers asking for…

13 Mar 2013 Career Development & Networking

Successfully Navigated an Interview: That’s Great, but Now What?

Interviews are great – sometimes it feels good to have been invited in to compete for a position. Interviews are also a crucial time to ask, “What’s next?” This critical question will help you understand the hiring process. Hiring managers often end every interview with the same line, such as, “We are conducting other interviews and we’ll follow-up…

06 Mar 2013 Career Development & Networking
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