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Anna Testen and Spencer Debenport

Anna Testen and Spencer Debenport are plant pathology PhD students at The Ohio State University. Anna conducted research in Ecuador and Bolivia on quinoa pathology. Most recently, she worked in Tanzania and has spent a lot of time trekking through Tanzanian tomato fields. Spencer worked in Senegal for two years researching sustainable methods of yield improvement in millet.

Articles by Anna Testen and Spencer Debenport:

10 Tips for Working at the Bench in Developing Countries

Working in a lab in a developing country can be a unique and exciting opportunity for any scientist. It can be very rewarding, but also challenging as you navigate foreign settings to conduct your research. Here are ten tips for working at the bench in developing countries. 1.  Expect cultural differences Everyone approaches science differently…

10 Nov 2014 Equipment Mastery and Hacks
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