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Articles by terrellbrotherton:

Beneath the Lab Coat Part 2: What is lurking under our readers’ lab coats?

Recently, we wrote an article highlighting the prevalence of science-themed tattoos among scientists, and the particular significance these tattoos have among those who choose to get them (https://bitesizebio.com/articles/beneath-the-lab-coat-why-do-scientists-get-inked/). As a follow-up, we reached out to our readers to collect images and stories about their unique, science-themed tattoos. Some of you were kind enough to share…

27 Jan 2014 Lab Statistics & Math

Beneath the Lab Coat – Why do Scientists get Inked?

In 2007, award winning science writer Carl Zimmer asked a seemingly marginal question on his blog – how common is it for scientists to tattoo themselves with images of their science? Over the next few weeks, hundreds of scientists sent in pictures of their science inspired tattoos. In fact, so many images were submitted that…

23 Oct 2013 Inspiring and Thought Provoking
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