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Protocols for Cloning Without Restriction Enzymes or Ligases

There are many cloning methods that do not require restriction enzymes or ligases. Read below to learn about how to achieve seamless cloning results via Topoisomerase cloning, SLIC, and Gibson. Method #1: Topoisomerase Technology Topoisomerase technology requires no special primers and no ligases – it is as easy as cloning comes. This technology is based…

08 Nov 2018 DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis&Takara Bio

Site-Directed Mutagenesis Tips and Tricks

There are a few different ways of approaching site-directed mutagenesis. Here, I’ll give you a quick introduction to inverse PCR and why it’s useful, as well as going through a full protocol for SDM using modified primers!

07 Nov 2018 PCR, qPCR and qRT-PCR&Takara Bio

Cloning Methods: 5 Different Ways to Assemble

Over the past few decades molecular biologists have developed procedures to simplify and standardize cloning processes, allowing vast arrays of artificial DNA structures to be more easily assembled. Are you familiar with all the cloning options out there? Let’s look at five different cloning methods you can use to get your construct. At the end…

cloning methods
06 Nov 2018 DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis&Takara Bio

Ligation Independent Cloning Primer Design

Ligation independent cloning (LIC) is an easy and effective method to ensure successful cloning, all without the need for ligation. As easy as the technique is, designing primers can be a bit tricky. In this article, we will present a quick overview on primer design for ligation independent cloning.

06 Nov 2018 DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis&Takara Bio
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