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Stephanie Zimmer

Stephanie is a PhD Candidate at Emory University where she studies a cell adhesion complex called the desmosome. She plans to exchange her pipette for a pen when she finishes. When not in the lab, she enjoys being outdoors on long hikes or staying indoors to sew.

Institution : Emory University
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Articles by Stephanie Zimmer

6 Steps for Successful <i>in vitro</i> Drug Treatment

6 Steps for Successful in vitro Drug Treatment

By Stephanie Zimmer | January 23, 2020

You might have seen one of the many anti-drug ads the 80s had to offer (including this delightful message from Robocop) and rightfully steered clear of drugs. But when it comes to biology, we use in vitro drug treatment for many experimental purposes, including testing anti-cancer treatments or synchronizing the cell cycle. If you are facing your first in vitro…

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