Stephen Salim

I am currently a final year undergraduate student majoring in biotechnology and I have been very happy to be associated with molecular biology since they give me the sense of satisfaction and joy. With molecular biology as my main interest, I set out to pursue groundbreaking research that will continue to drive innovation for years to come.

Articles by Stephen Salim:

How to Generate High-Quality SNPs Data Sets from NGS

SNPs or single nucleotide polymorphisms are on many scientist’s wish list in experimental studies of genomic DNA sequences. Methods to detect SNPs have evolved. Now with the availability of high throughput sequencing methods, also known as next generation sequencing (NGS), SNPs can be identified in the large amounts of DNA sequence that is generated. There…

10 Feb 2017 Genomics & Epigenetics

How to Choose The Appropriate Genomic NGS Data Simulator

Let’s say that you’ve just finished gathering your NGS reads and you’re going to simulate the introduction of random mutations at specific rates into the reads. Before you move on to the next step, you need to determine which NGS data simulator will get the job done. With the ever-increasing advancement of NGS in the…

04 Oct 2016 Genomics & Epigenetics