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Shoa Naqvi

Shoa Naqvi is a Ph.D. in Biotechnology at the Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology (IBBP), University of Muenster in Germany. Her field of work includes molecular biology, protein expression and characterization. She enjoys studying new proteins and how they function. She has a strong interest in reading and writing popular science articles and in scientific communication. Her hobbies include travelling, trying to learn new things and day-dreaming.

Articles by Shoa Naqvi:

Phd Skills That Landed Me My Corporate Job!

Transitioning from a PhD in Biotechnology to the industry of my choice (scientific communication and marketing) involved an intense period of application and rejection. Every time I got a rejection letter, I feared that the industry probably did not want fresh graduates like me, that they wanted someone with years of experience. These were moments…

Phd Skills That Landed Me My Corporate Job
21 Jun 2018 Career Development & Networking

Top Factors to consider before applying to a lab

In today’s times, fierce competition exists in the field of science and technology for positions like Ph.D. or research assistantships. Hence, gaining such a coveted place in a new lab is indeed a moment of exultation for any student. However, it is extremely important that before we embark upon this new journey, we make some…

09 Jul 2016 PhD Survival

8 Basic Points to Remember Before Expressing Proteins in Bacterial Systems

As a protein biochemist and a Ph.D. student, I was given the task to express a eukaryotic protein in a bacterial system. And to say that I was having a hard time would be an understatement. It took me many PCRs, cloning and transformations to get to the right construct that would eventually express the desired…

20 Jul 2015 Protein Expression and Analysis

15 Top Tips to Giving a Great Talk

I still remember the first time I stood in front of a crowd of about 35 people, including my brand new lab mates and professors, in my first ever lab meeting. My feet were as wobbly as ever and all I wanted was a big boulder to hide behind, so my crazy shaky legs would…

01 Jul 2015 Writing, Publishing and Presenting

Building a Successful Scientific Team with Creators, Innovators and Supporters

Whenever we join a new squad, be it our local sports team or a new work group, it is always good to know where exactly we fit in. Knowing our role within a unit is immensely helpful in focusing our energy in the right direction and gives great satisfaction when we efficiently contribute to that…

29 Jun 2015 Of Interest&Personal Development

Your 10 Step Guide to a More Motivated PhD

If there is a job in the world that requires one of the highest levels of motivation, I would say it is doing a PhD. Pushing yourself out of bed daily to enter the lab ain’t an easy task, especially when your results are dodgy or you have unluckily found that your lab-mates or project…

13 Apr 2015 PhD Survival
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