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Sergey Pustylnikov

I am researcher with the main interest in immunology of infectious diseases and development of new ways to treat infections. I am working with molecular biology assays, cell culture models and in vivo models for about 10 years. My main interests in the past years were tuberculosis, HIV, C-type lectins and their potential inhibitors, first of all including dextran. Always ready for networking, new ideas and opportunities.

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Articles by Sergey Pustylnikov

earning a PhD

The Trials and Errors in Earning a PhD

By Sergey Pustylnikov | October 5, 2016

The scientific method naturally includes the so-called “trial and error” approach. And you can think of your PhD experience in the same way. My PhD experience is a long story, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Therefore, I’ll share some of my trials and errors in earning a PhD to help you avoid the…

scientific collaboration

How to Have a Great Scientific Collaboration

By Sergey Pustylnikov | September 7, 2016

Why do we need scientific collaboration? There is no science without collaboration: science is incredibly social. When you publish a paper or even a conference abstract, you collaborate with editors or a committee to produce an outcome (successful journal or scientific event) together. So, you have to understand the principles of collaboration even if you…

How to Choose the Right PhD Lab

How to Choose the Right PhD Lab

By Sergey Pustylnikov | July 9, 2016

Have you read an article How To Start Your PhD The Right Way? If you have, then you may have already decided that you are going to do a PhD. The next step is to choose your supervisor – this is a very important decision to make. When I chose my supervisor, I had only…

A poster presentation at a conference: a to-do list

A poster presentation at a conference: a to-do list

By Sergey Pustylnikov | July 9, 2016

People go to conferences to get feedback on their work, to learn about recent findings, and to meet colleagues (both new and old). I advise not to concentrate only on your work, but also on on your goals. Here is my algorithm for attending conferences.

scientific review

Writing a Scientific Review: Gathering Information, Writing, and Creating New Knowledge

By Sergey Pustylnikov | July 9, 2016

Read our top tips on how to write a scientific review, from gathering your information to getting it published.

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