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Senthil Bhoopalan

Senthil is Business Development Executive for the University of Edinburgh‘s commercialization arm, Edinburgh Innovations. He is active in the Industry Engagement and Knowledge Exchange and Commercialization (KEC) activities of the Roslin Institute/ Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (the University of Edinburgh, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine). Previously Senthil was a Lead Scientist in the Respiratory Pharmacology team at Charles River’s Discovery Sciences department in Edinburgh. He gained his doctoral degree from the University of Edinburgh, where he specialized in the microbial transcriptomic response to antibiotic treatment in vitro and ex vivo bacteraemia models. He was also a post‑doctoral research fellow at the University of Edinburgh continuing on his PhD research and expanding into the use microfluidic devices for point of care diagnostic tests. Outside the field of microbiology, Gandi is also a passionate photographer who has won several photography competitions and been featured on the BBC website.

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Articles by Senthil Bhoopalan

Time for coffee!: The Easy Way To Collaborate

Time for coffee!: The Easy Way To Collaborate

By Senthil V. Bhoopalan | October 26, 2011

Some of the greatest ideas in scientific history have involved finding connections between widely separated fields. Take human genome sequencing for example: without the computing expertise required to crunch enormous amounts of data, the project would have never taken off. As we move from an era of specialists to an era of super-specialists, collaboration has…

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