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Sarah Mancini

Sarah gained her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and PhD in Cardiovascular Sciences from the University of Glasgow. She is currently a research associate working in collaboration with industry to develop novel tool compounds to probe the biology of poorly characterised GPCRs. Sarah has acquired a broad range of laboratory skills throughout her PhD and postdoctoral positions and enjoys scientific writing. In her spare time Sarah likes running, socialising and playing with her pet cats.

Articles by Sarah Mancini:

Isolating Monocytes from Whole Blood: A Step-by-Step Guide

So, you’ve done a few experiments and had fun with THP-1 cells, but now it’s time to translate those results to primary human monocytes. Isolating monocytes requires blood. Lots and lots of blood, depending on your downstream assay of choice. The yield can vary wildly by donor (if they had a cold at the time…

07 Oct 2019 Cells and Model Organisms
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