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Ryan Duggan

My area of expertise lies squarely in the field of flow cytometry. As Technical Director of the University of Chicago Flow Cytometry Facility (UCFlow), I manage a cadre of high-end analyzers and cell sorters as well as provide training and consultation to users. In addition, I test and review many instruments that are coming to market and publish those results on the UCFlow blog.

Articles by Ryan Duggan:

How a Flow Cytometer Works: A Look Inside the Magic Box

A flow cytometer is a device used to illuminate objects and capture and quantitate light emitting from these objects.  The “objects” are normally single cells dispersed in a medium, but could very well be polystyrene beads, cell fragments or debris, or even large molecules. So, What’s in the Box? Using your highly tuned powers of deduction, you…

flow cytometer
09 Jul 2016 Flow Cytometry

Basic Parameters Measured by a Flow Cytometer: What is Scattered Light and Absolute Fluorescence?

In a previous article, we went over the basic understanding of the inner workings of a flow cytometer. It’s important to grasp the types of measurements that are being made and, perhaps more importantly, what measurements are NOT being made. For simplicity’s sake, we’re going to frame this discussion in terms of a classical flow…

09 Jul 2016 Adaptive Biotechnologies&Flow Cytometry
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