Rashmi Tandon

I am a Ph.D from University of Delhi, India. My research work was primarily focused on drug development against tuberculosis. I earned my doctorate in 2014 and am working as a research associate since then.

Articles by Rashmi Tandon:

How to be an Effective Corresponding Author

Writing manuscripts is an integral part of research. And being listed as an author on a published article is the most cherished dream of a research scholar/ graduate student. However, what about the corresponding author role? During your Ph.D tenure, you will be encouraged to compile your data and write manuscripts based on your results.…

03 Oct 2016 Writing, Publishing and Presenting

Qualifications for Off-the-Bench Science Careers

Scientific research is a demanding and stressful career requiring lots of patience, dedication and hard work. Sadly the monetary benefits are not commensurate with the effort. Moreover, lack of opportunities, uncertainty, instability and the pressure to publish makes a traditional academic science career difficult. Inspiring (forcing?) many scientists and researchers to leave their traditional science…

25 Jul 2016 Career Development & Networking

What You Should Know About Intellectual Property Rights

Innovation is the essence of research and it is the fuel that keeps the research industry going. If it were not for inventions, the field of scientific research would have dropped dead long ago. However, simply innovating something is not sufficient. It is not the end of the road, but the beginning of it. Therefore,…

09 Jul 2016 Writing, Publishing and Presenting

Making an impact: Pros and cons to impact factor

How do we decide whether our research is having an impact or not? Is there a way to quantify the effect or judge the quality of the articles? Read on to find out about the nuances behind “impact factor.”

09 Jul 2016 Taming the Literature

Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a letter written to accompany a job application, a grant application, project reports, manuscripts, etc. that explains the purpose of your writing and incorporates certain key points of your application. It plays a decisive role in accomplishing the task it’s been written for, which is why it is so important to…

09 Jul 2016 Career Development & Networking