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Rory Macneil

Rory is the CEO of Axiope, which provides the electronic lab notebook eCAT, and an active blogger on The electronic lab notebook blog. Prior to co-founding Axiope in 2003, Rori was a consultant and lawyer in Hong Kong and China from 1985 – 2001.   For more information on eCAT, including the free Personal version for individual use, visit Axiope's website

Articles by Rory Macneil:

Will The iPad Replace Paper Lab Notebooks? 7 Issues That Need to be Overcome

In April 2010, just after the release of the iPAD, Jode Plank wrote an article for Bitesize Bio asking whether the iPAD will replace lab notebooks.  Fast forward a year and a bit, and I’d like to put my head above the parapet and answer the question:  Yes!  With the iPAD now a roaring success,…

16 Jun 2011 Organization and Productivity

How to manage scientific data: Electronic lab notebooks compared with Google Docs and wikis

I write regularly about topics related to electronic lab notebooks over on The electronic lab notebook blog. Nick thought it might be interesting for me to do an occasional post on electronic lab notebooks for Bitesize Bio, so here goes! I thought I’d start with a comparison of electronic lab notebooks with wikis and Google…

04 Nov 2010 Organization and Productivity
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