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Rolly U. Wiegand

Rolly is Head of the Confocal and Advanced Light Microscopy (CALM) facility in the College for Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. In this function he also co-ordinates the strategic planning for various light microscopy-related projects across the College.

Articles by Rolly U. Wiegand:

A Microscopy Glossary Part 2: ‘Confocality Means….’

Dichroic Mirror/Filter This is a semi-reflective filter which can also be referred to as ‘dichromatic beam splitter’. Unlike the Longpass filters which absorb light which is not transmitted (see Part 1 of the Glossary), these filters reflect light at lower wavelengths and transmit light at wavelengths above the ‘cut-on’ wavelength. As beam splitters, they are…

25 Sep 2012 Microscopy and Imaging

A Microscopy Glossary Part 1: ‘What Is This LP650 You Talk About?!’

Brightfield Illumination This defines the most basic method of optical microscopy using white light to illuminate the sample in the transmitted mode. Absorption and diffraction of the light by the molecules in the specimen generates the contrast in the image. Methods such as darkfield illumination, differential interference contrast and phase contrast help to increase the…

18 Sep 2012 Microscopy and Imaging

Which Light Microscope Will I Choose? Part 2- Confocal Systems

Why confocal? The standard fluorescence widefield microscope described in our last article has one major disadvantage: it collects not only the desired image information from the focal plane, but it also records a large amount of out-of-focus light, leading to a blurred image. In the 1950’s, system developers started thinking about how to get rid…

04 Sep 2012 Microscopy and Imaging

Which Light Microscope Will I Choose? Part 1 – Basic Light and Fluorescence Systems

Think before you start! Before you even start preparing your samples, you should think about the choice of microscope for image acquisition. Manufacturers offer an ever increasing range of light microscopes- some of which may already be available in your research institutes. To help you get the best out of your imaging experiment by making the…

28 Aug 2012 Microscopy and Imaging

Introducing the Microscopy and Imaging Channel: The Importance of Light Microscopy for Biomedical Research

Welcome to the BitesizeBio Microscopy and Imaging Channel! Every week we will be publishing articles revolving around the central topics of light microscopy and imaging. We will cover aspects such as the fixation of specimens, sectioning and preparing slides, staining and immunohistochemistry, which method of microscopy to use (and how to ensure you get the…

02 Jul 2012 Microscopy and Imaging
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