Rachel Lustbader

Rachel is a graduate of Boston University where she studied Health Science. She has worked in laboratories as well as in the biotech field. In addition to health, genetics, and synthetic biology, Rachel is passionate about yoga, writing, and the outdoors.

Articles by Rachel Lustbader:

10 Things to Look for in Molecular Biology Software

Here are the ten things you should look for when choosing a DNA design program to satisfy all your molecular biology software needs.

09 Jul 2016 Software and Online Tools

Battle of the Bargains: A Comparison Between Genome Compiler and ApE

Synthetic biology software should make your life easier. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong software platform to work with can lead to problems down the line, and finding the best program for your needs can be a complicated process. Similar to the article comparing Genome Compiler and Snapgene, I’m going to compare Genome Compiler with ApE, to…

09 Jul 2016 DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis