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Richard Adams

Richard has a PhD in Cell Biology from the University of Dundee and is currently Lead Developer at ResearchSpace, Edinburgh overseeing and contributing to development, testing, dev-ops and operational activities

Institution : ResearchSpace
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Articles by Richard Adams

How Text-Mining Tools Can Improve Your Literature Searches

By Richard Adams | January 9, 2012

Before starting any new research project, it’s essential that you have as complete an understanding as possible of the current research literature. Knowing what other people have done will prevent you from duplicating existing work, and will perhaps indicate under-explored niches. If you work in the same subject area over a number of years, you…

Using GoogleDocs to Write Collaborative Research Papers

By Richard Adams | August 29, 2011

When it comes to writing up a research paper, there are many ways to go about it. If it’s just you doing most of the writing, with your supervisor, it is quite straightforward – you can just maintain a single copy of the document and exchange it by email. Software like Microsoft Word can track…

My Job: Life Sciences Software Developer

My Job: Life Sciences Software Developer

By Richard Adams | August 19, 2011

Any research biologist spends a large amount of their working time at the computer, whether it’s writing articles, analysing data or just checking emails. In fact, any new research proposal will likely start by trawling Pubmed and online databases to get the latest information on a particular topic. But have you ever stopped to think…

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