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Rebecca Roberts

Bec is a molecular biologist and aspiring science communicator with a background in ecology and conservation genetics. Her main research interest is chemical ecology, particularly olfactory receptors. Originally from Australia, she now works as a postdoctoral researcher in Sweden where she studies the function and evolution of odorant receptors in several species of bark beetles, which are major pests of coniferous forests worldwide. She is passionate about teaching and women in STEM and loves demystifying science to the general public.

Articles by Rebecca Roberts:

What the HEK? A Beginner’s Guide to HEK293 Cells 

If you’re at all familiar with cell culture, you’ve probably heard of HEK293 cells. HEK293 are one of the most commonly used cell lines in laboratories across the globe. But what are they? Why should you use them? And what does the ‘293’ mean? Are HEK293T the same thing? Read on for answers to these…

14 Jan 2020 Cells and Model Organisms

How to Totally Nail Your First in situ Hybridization

It’s Monday morning and you’re about to start your first in situ hybridization (ISH). You glanced at the protocol on Friday and it seemed pretty easy. You just do a lot of washes and incubations, right? WRONG. ISH can be a nightmare. If you’re not well prepared, you’ll most likely be tearing your hair out…

19 Nov 2019 Microscopy and Imaging
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