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Nambirajan Rangarajan

Nambirajan studied for a PhD in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In his graduate research, he studied antibiotic action on live bacterial cells using time-lapse fluorescence microscopy. Before starting grad school, he obtained his undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Chemistry from the University of Delhi and the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, respectively; where he studied the synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials.

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Articles by Nambirajan Rangarajan

How to Become a Live Cell Paparazzo: A Beginner's Guide

How to Become a Live Cell Paparazzo: A Beginner’s Guide

By Nambirajan Rangarajan | June 16, 2015

Think of the very first time you looked at cells under a table-top microscope. Here’s what you would have done in that experiment: Step 1: Grow cells. Step 2: Plate cells on to a glass/quartz slide. Step 3: Insert the slide under a microscope and look. The protocol for performing single-cell microscopy has a similar…

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