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Peter Blazso

Peter is an MD, PhD and currently works at Curamach Gene Therapy. He takes part in pre-clinical gene therapy studies on various mutant mouse models. Their team use the safe (non-integrating) and stable artificial chromosome expression (ACE) system instead of viral vectors for gene delivery. Peter is also an enthusiastic computer hacker and open-source software advocate.

Articles by Peter Blazso:

LibreOffice: A Free Office Suite to Rival Microsoft’s

As scientists, our everyday tasks involve creating small notes, assembling a short report, a manuscript or even a book chapter, sketching illustrative diagrams, organizing numbers or other items in spreadsheets. Today, all of us, researchers depend more or less on computer programs to solve these tasks quickly and easily. These pieces of software called office…

19 Sep 2011 Software and Online Tools

Why All Bioscientists Should Use Linux

A couple of weeks ago, Nick tried to convince us that we should all be using Macs. But why would you want to use a Mac (or a PC) when you could have an operating system that: Is free Does not slow down after a while and limit your productivity Does not need extra antivirus…

20 Aug 2009 Organization and Productivity
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