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Uma Chandrasekaran

Uma gained a PhD in Hospital Service Quality Scale Construction & Validation from Pondicherry University.

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Articles by Uma Chandrasekaran

Simple Tips for Model Organism-Based Work

By Uma Chandrasekaran,PhD | May 17, 2017

Simple Tips for Model Organism-Based Work The mouse is the favored model organism for life science researchers so much so that mice account for about 95% of all lab animals used in research. The striking similarities between the human and mouse genomes, ease of genetic manipulation and the uniformity achieved through inbred mating makes them…

Cell Fixation and Permeabilization

Gateway to the Cellular Kingdom: Cell Fixation and Permeabilization Techniques

By Uma Chandrasekaran,PhD | July 9, 2016

One of the much sought after question asked by many researchers worldwide is – “What is the gene expression profile of a single cell within a heterogenous pool of cells?” While mass cytometry is the current ‘hot’ methodology for single cell analysis, the good old flow cytometry can help us perform rapid analysis of single…

The Post PhD Slump (PPS)

The Post PhD Slump (PPS)

By Uma Chandrasekaran,PhD | August 31, 2011

Over 12 years ago, PhD Comics published the first description of PQS (Post-Quals Slump), a highly prevalent condition among grad students that severely impacts their interest in science, and their ability to defend their thesis. As PhD Comics described, this condition can only be treated by a hard-hitting cocktail of Advisor-Pressure (AP), Spousal-Income-Frustration (SIF) and…

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