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Nidhi Sharma

I am a Post-doc at Carnegie Institution of Science at Stanford University. I have been studying Cell and Molecular Biology for more than 10 years and unlike some of my peers, I love writing! My thoughts are better represented in writing. I care about the environment and try my best to reduce my contribution to the landfill at home and in lab. Please feel free to send me a note on https://www.linkedin.com/pub/nidhi-sharma/16/961/568

Articles by Nidhi Sharma:

Reducing Lab Waste One Experiment at a Time

As a scientist myself, I have always been focused on performing experiments to achieve my sole goal of producing data for a publication. Recently I started paying attention to the waste I solely generate on a regular basis in the lab. Starting from disposable Eppendorf tubes and pipette tips, to labels and Petri plates, it…

reducing lab waste
09 Jul 2016 Soft Skills and Tools
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