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Niamh McNamara

Niamh is a Tissue Repair PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. She completed an undergraduate degree in Biomedical, Health and Life Sciences at University College Dublin, during which she completed a research project on obesity, and three summer internships in the Research & Development department of Boston Scientific Corporation, Galway, where she researched aortic valve replacement stents. She also spent a placement at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where she investigated bone regeneration, sparking an interest in regenerative medicine.
Following a volunteer placement at a clinic for children with cerebral palsy in Nansana, Uganda, she became particularly interested in understanding brain development, and how developmental processes might be harnessed for repair following injury to the infant brain, and joined the Miron group in Edinburgh as a result.

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Articles by Niamh McNamara

A representative electron micrograph image of axons ready to measure myelin thickness

How to Measure Myelin Thickness Manually (and Other Tedious Lab Tasks) and Keep Your Sanity

By Niamh McNamara | October 27, 2020

Tips on staying sane from a student survivor of tedious lab tasks.

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