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Manisha Menon

Manisha Menon earned her PhD in biology from University of Virginia where she studied the role of the protein dynamin2 in actin cytoskeletal remodeling, using cultured cells and live imaging. For her postdoctoral work in the department of Immunology, UConn Health, she changed fields and model system, studying immune cell responses to infection and inflammation in mice. Manisha currently works in a small biotech startup company, CaroGen.

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Articles by Manisha Menon

Tips for Peering into the Interior of Mice Using Intravital Microscopy

By Manisha Menon | February 1, 2017

Techniques to study entire tissues, such as brain imaging microscopy, provide great insight into the biology of the whole tissue, rather than just individual cells.  Taking this one step further is intravital microscopy (IVM); a newer approach for the imaging of living tissues and organs in live animals. A wide variety of organs can be…

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