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Michael LaRocca

Michael spent 8 years editing for an R&D/Engineering firm in North Carolina, 6 years teaching Advanced English Writing in China, 5 years editing medical papers in Thailand, and 1 year in Hanoi, then returned home with an Australian wife and a lovely Calico cat from Hong Kong. “I bring home the best souvenirs.

Articles by Michael LaRocca:

Step-by-Step Planning Before You Write

In a previous article, I gave you eight steps to a well-written manuscript. Let’s take a step back for a moment. Think about how to plan your manuscript before you decide where you want to publish it or even before you start the first experiment. The prospect of writing an entire paper or grant can…

scientific grant writing
20 Apr 2011 Writing, Publishing and Presenting

How to Format Your Manuscript

Understanding how to format your manuscript is an important skill for researchers and getting it right will make your PI very happy – they’ll spend less time proofreading and editing the document for you and it might just help get your manuscript through to peer review faster.   When writing up your results for a…

14 Mar 2011 Writing, Publishing and Presenting

Be Your Own Editor – and watch out for speed bumps!

There’s no author who can’t benefit from an editor, or two, or ten.  But first, an author needs to do everything they can to make the manuscript as good as they possibly can.  You want your editor(s) to concentrate on what you’ve written, without the distraction of stupid stuff that you were just too lazy…

21 Feb 2011 Writing, Publishing and Presenting

Eight Steps to a Well-Written Manuscript

You’ve done the experiments, gathered the data, interpreted the results, and now you’ve got something important to share with the scientific community. Congratulations! You’re writing a scientific paper. Once you’ve decided on which journal to submit your paper, you can get the guidelines from that journal. All that’s left is to write the paper. Your…

writing article and scientific abstracts
25 Jan 2011 Writing, Publishing and Presenting
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