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Melanie Laederich

Articles by Melanie Laederich:

Resolution and Refractive Index: Set-up Your Confocal Wisely!

Get the best out of your time on the microscope by understanding the refractive index of your experiment to optimize and increase your resolution.

light being defracted by a prism to represent optimizing the refractive index in confocal microscopy
05 Feb 2021 Microscopy and Imaging

How to Make a Custom Affinity Medium for Protein Purification

Is your goal to purify a substantial amount of a specific protein? Do you have a quantity of a molecule that binds your protein of interest? If so, generating a custom affinity matrix may be just the trick you need to purify your protein of interest by affinity chromatography. Customizing your affinity chromatography is an…

09 Jul 2016 Protein Expression and Analysis

The 4 Important Steps for Western Blot Quantification

As scientists we love nothing more than quantitative data! Oh ya! But if you don’t quantify your Western blots correctly you’ll find yourself in an unpleasant, unrepeatable and totally meaningless place. And while some scientists are okay dwelling in a meaningless place, I hope you are not. Review these important concepts about how to correctly…

21 Mar 2015 Protein Expression and Analysis

Acid Wash, Autoclave, Flame or Coat? Slide Basics Explained

There are about as many protocols to prepare coverslips as there are ways to make tuna casserole. You can spend from 5 seconds to 2 days, depending on what your lab prefers. But in the end, what’s really needed? I’ve tried many protocols over the years and I’ve questioned some steps. Here I share my…

24 Feb 2015 Microscopy and Imaging

Keeping Your Proteins Happy with Chemical Chaperones

Chemical chaperones are necessary in protein experiments. From buffers to storage solutions, chemical chaperones silently make proteins happy and soluble. Read this article to appreciate the love that chemical chaperones bathe on your proteins and learn when to use them! A chemical chaperone is a molecule that promotes the favorable interaction of protein with water…

18 Jan 2015 Protein Expression and Analysis

Overview of Protein Turnover using 35S: how to prevent trashy data and uh-oh moments

The half-life of a protein is an important factor in many molecular biology studies. If your thesis has anything to do with proteins then your graduate advisory committee will ask about half-life, so start planning your 35S experiment today. To help you here is my overview of the major steps of 35S labeling complete with…

16 Dec 2014 Protein Expression and Analysis

The Five X-Factors in Bacterial Protein Production and Purification

Every protein is unique and thus every protein has its own set of production and purification challenges – many of which cannot be predicted. Therefore to successfully produce and purify your favorite protein you need to know and understand these five unpredictable protocol variables (X factors). Tweaking these X factors just might be the difference…

04 Nov 2014 Protein Expression and Analysis

Know Your Western Blot Jargon! A Quick Review.

It has been said that “Incomprehensible jargon is the hallmark of a profession” (Kingman Brewster, Jr) and while I cannot speak for other professions, as a biologist I am inclined to believe it. So whether you need to cover your qualifying exam bases, want to avoid looking like an idiot to your coworkers, or need…

19 Aug 2014 Protein Expression and Analysis

The Top 10 Western Blotting Mistakes (and Solutions!)

As bitter experience has likely taught you, not all Western blots are pretty.  Sadly this is usually due to mistakes on the experimenter’s part. While some of these mistakes are perplexing, others are just plain dumb; but none of them have to happen to you. Read this! 1. Starting with Bad Samples Proper protein extraction…

01 Apr 2014 Protein Expression and Analysis
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